Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions asked about the UAQ Marine Club. Please take a look at our FAQ’s below. If you still have a question please get in touch and we are here to help.
The Marine Club sits on the sea in the quaint Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, from where it takes its name. It is a secret because Umm Al Quwain has yet to develop into a metropolis like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and it does not draw tourists or even local visitors on a large scale. This is one of the charms of both the city and the Marine Club. It is an understated city, which prides itself on local culture, on its atmosphere and, of course, on its location beside the sea.
Wakeboarding is a rapidly growing sport in the UAE, even in the hot and sweaty summer it doesn’t hinder this sport. According to many wakeboarding fans, the waters surrounding the Marine Club is the best riding location in the UAE.
Kayaking is an increasingly popular past time and the Marine Club is a great place to start. You can rent, purchase and experience paddling at its best, between the islands of Umm Al Quwain. The mangroves are a very short paddle from the Club where turtles, birds and other marine life abound.
Send them to the playground and relax around the pool for a while. The playground is safe and in sight of where you will be sitting, enjoying a meal or a swim. The restaurant opens on to the swimming pool, so all your comforts are close to hand.
If the club launches your boat with the tractor, then there is a small launching and retrieving fee, depending on the size of your vessel. If you are launching yourself with your own car, then there is no charge.
The Marine Club will rescue you and tow you back to the club. If you are out at sea, the Coast Guards will rescue you. Remember to have the Umm Al Quwain Coast Guards number in your mobile.
The Marine club does not sell petrol but there is a filling station close by on the creek.
There is 24 hours security. No one is allowed to tow their boat out of the Marine Club’s premises without the manager’s permission. The security guard always requests permission before the boat is towed away, whether it is taken by the owner or even by a third party.
No, we do not sell alcohol and we do not allow alcohol on the premises. We are a no alcohol club.
Yes, you can. You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks onto the premises while the restaurant is open. However, if you’re camping, you can rent a BBQ box eat your own food. See our camping rules.
Yes, there is an emergency at the local hospital just 5 minutes away.
According to UAE law, all boats have to be registered and must have a transponder. See our website for further assistance.
As far as we are aware, you do not need a fishing license.
No. We are in the process of upgrading and it will be available in the near future.