From the camping area you can see the creek and across to the mangroves which lights up especially during the sunrise.

Spotted inside the camping area are small cabanas with picnic benches for you to set up your evening meals or for a table where the children can colour and play out of the rays of the midday sun.

The swimming pool is available throughout the day for camping guests to use at their leisure. At either end of the pool there are communal restrooms and showers where campers can refresh themselves.

Next to the pool there is the Anglers restaurant where meals are available throughout the day as well as ice creams, fresh juices and snacks.

Camping Rules

  • UAQ Marine Club BBQ boxes ONLY – can be requested at check in if needed.
  • Please respect the end of the ‘Camp Area” signs for others to enjoy the beach.
  • Multiple people sharing tents must be married or related.
  • No outside food or drink may be consumed between the hours of 7am and 7pm.
  • No wood fires.
  • Strictly NO ALCOHOL.
  • No nannies.