The Coast Guard

There is a Coast Guard station is just before the open ocean. All boats heading out to sea are required to stop here and register. Be sure to carry some identification and also keep the boat’s registration handy.You will need to produce both. The Coast Guards are very friendly and really are providing you a service by registering your trip. Make sure you keep the Coast Guard number with you as well, should you ever need it.

  • Abu Dhabi - 02 6158666
  • Dubai - 04 345 0260
  • Fujairah - 09 2380380
  • Ras Al Khaimah 07 2446477
  • Sharjah 06 5282999
  • 996 or 7000 13000

Any boat "touching" the water must be registered and have a transponder. This is a Federal Law. This law applies to all waters surrounding the UAE.