Unbelievable Adventure facilities!

Enjoy the beauty of nature aboard our observation boat by discovering the mangrove islands, flamingos, fish and turtles.  Drop anchor to swim, waterslide, kayak or dine.  Our spacious 70 foot party boat has two decks and is equipped with luxury facilities such as a waterslide, restrooms, changing rooms, outdoor shower.   The capacity is 80 persons.


Teaching Facilities

The Marine Club’s Outdoor Educational and Field Studies Centre is uniquely located on a sheltered Marine Creek with direct access to one of the UAE’s largest nature reserves for Environmental Sciences and Sustainability Studies.   The air conditioned classrooms can accommodate 80 students.

Each field study program is tailored to meet the needs of individual school groups.  Our providers can offer single day or multi-day programs, depending on the school’s preference and curriculum objectives.  Packages can incorporate field studies programs with adventure activities.


In a double or a single story building known as the Mangrove Centre, the centre can accommodate 200 students and teachers.

In separate accommodation, chalets overlooking the creek can accommodate up to 90 students and teachers.  For your comfort each chalet has en-suite showers and toilets.

Evening facilities & catering
Toasting marshmallows around a camp fire or playing games in our large barasti gathering area is an excellent way to end the day.  It is ideally located on the creek with the gentle breezes and stunning views of the mangrove islands.

All food is prepared onsite with special menus for persons with food allergies. Anyone celebrating a birthday, cakes can be pre-ordered.

UAQ Adventure Activities

  • Climbing Wall – participants are taught how to climb with basic climbing techniques. They then try to scale to the top of our climbing tower to ring the bell. For participants with higher climbing abilities we use selected routes or blindfolds so that they push themselves to achieve something rather than flying up the wall and it being too easy.
  • Jacobs Ladder – A climbing game in which two persons work together to reach the top of the wobbly ladder where every rung is set further apart than the last.
  • Leap of Faith – A great element for a person to push themselves to the limit where they climb up a ladder to a small platform. Once at the top, the climber will then attempt to launch themselves from the platform to hit or kick a hanging buoy.
  • Zip Lining – A fun, adrenaline fuelled element that can be used as a high point that the rider can lead up to when partaking in the other elements to build up their confidence and to achieve their challenge by choice.
  • Cargo Net – Aimed for older children or adults as this element is more physically challenging. Participants must climb the cargo net and then try and reach the top of the wobbly rope ladder suspended 13 meters off the ground.
  • Crate Stacking – One by one each person tries to build and stand upon the highest tower of crates without falling off. The person is harnessed and belayed as they move one crate at a time, balancing one on top of the other to try and be the highest in their group. Other members of the group have various jobs whether it is passing crates or tailing the belay rope so that everyone is engaged in the activity. This is an excellent element to increase confidence, teamwork and balance.
  • Maze –  Based on ‘Crystal maze’ our elaborate maze course consists of obstacles that the ‘maze runner’ must overcome. For older participants we include a teamwork aspect with riddles, clues, blindfolds and collecting games.
  • Low Ropes – A fun fuelled obstacle course where the students must look after each other to complete the course. Depending on time, age, and ability of group this can be tailored to be more physically challenging with blindfolds, time limits and items to carry through the course.  It can also be made into a more mentally challenging course with problem solving or a team challenge at each element throughout the course.
  • Archery –  is the art, practice or skill of propelling an arrow with the use of a bow.  Our instructors will teach you how to do the sport through archery games and small competitions.
  • Kayaking – Get to learn basic kayaking techniques including paddling, turning and self-rescue as well as have a great time partaking in our tailored games and competitions.
  • Canoeing –  is a lightweight narrow boat, pointed at both ends and open on top, propelled by one or more seated or kneeling paddlers facing the direction of travel.   Students are taught how to paddle with a single-bladed paddle, turn and steer correctly and the importance of working as a unit to reach their destination. This is a great way of experiencing true team work.
  • Raft Building – A great way to work creatively as a team to create a frame stable enough to transport themselves from the beach to the jetty. Younger groups we teach the knots for a basic design and we aid them with their build. With older groups we teach them knots, give them a few guidelines to stay within, and let them create their own crafts. If it works, well done; if not, you get wet!
  • Houseboat – “All Aboard!”  Enjoy the beauty of nature aboard our observation boat by discovering the mangrove islands, flamingos, fish and turtles.  Drop anchor to swim, water-slide, kayak or dine.  As the Marine Club works closely with the Ministry of Environment and Water to preserve the mangrove habitat, we are able to run a more in-depth educational field studies trips onto the islands.  Our tailored made programmes are available upon request.
  • Survival Skills – Children partake in a ‘hands on’ basic survival session from how to gather water to building shelters and fires to survive.
  • Team Building – This activity is great for children of all ages and can be tailored accordingly. We have a range of logical and physical problems solving activities.
  • Swimming – the club has a large swimming pool and a safe beach for swimming and for water sports.
  • Fishing – hand-line fishing is universally popular with children.  Rigging a hand line is easy and fun.
  • Orienteering – our grounds are large enough for this challenging outdoor adventure activity.

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UAQ Marine Club: A selection of our other facilities

We have a vast range of facilities for the members and their friends at the UAQ Marine Club. Take a look at some below…

UAQ Cruises

UAQ Marine Club Cruises

The Marina takes pride in offering its guests an exclusive and private party on a houseboat, cruising the waters around the mangrove islands.

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The Ultimate High Ropes

Come and try scaling our climbing wall which is one of the highest in the UAE and suitable for most ages; or flying like a bird down our zip line.

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UAQ Marine Club Watersports

The club has a range of water sports activities. If you are already a professional, come and enjoy the sport of your choice.

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Umm Al Quain Fishing

The Umm Al Quwain Emirate has a coastline of 24km which is located on the Arabian Gulf. Deep sea fishing is a popular sport that lures many of our guests from all corners of the UAE.

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UAQ School Trips

The Marine Club offers an outdoor education which improves life skills such as problem solving, confidence building, team work, leadership, communication and awareness of actions.

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Swimming Pool & Playground

Need some time alone, but had to bring the kiddies along for the weekend as well? Never mind…send them to the playground and you enjoy a relaxing time around the pool for a while.

more about our swimming pool & playground

Restaurant & TV Lounge

Anglers’ restaurant is situated at the poolside. It is open 7 days a week and offers a variety of dishes. Located right by the swimming pool area are beautiful air-conditioned family dining room and TV lounge facilities.

the uaq restaurant & tv lounge

Boat Services – Maintenance, berthing etc

We give support for routine boat maintenance as well as for more specialized repairs. We have launching & retrieving services as well as washing and berthing. Enquire about the vast range of services.

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UAQ Adventure Activities

Use of the outdoors makes a major contribution to physical and environmental education and enhances many other curriculum areas. It contributes to personal growth and social awareness.

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UAQ Marine Club: Our members love our facilities and hospitality!

See what our members are saying about how we have enhanced their leisure time

Amazing! An easy 5/5. You have a great facility and provided our team with a fantastic day to help develop the Polypipe team. Conquering fears, the need to help each other , work together and dealing with individual challenges brought the team together like never before.
Robin Appleby, Polypipe
Staff were really amazing from the first phone call to the last wave goodbye. They have a true passion for what they do and its really refreshing. We would absolutely come again.
Shirline, Youth Group
The games and activities planned taught the students the importance of teamwork, the will to overcome fear and the importance of listening and understanding. The students will always cherish the values they learned and the overall experience.
Ms. Rachna, Al Rawais

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