Wakeboarding & Skiing Enthusiasts

The Marine Club offers ideal conditions for both wakeboarding and skiing. Its location is on an inlet, protected from the open sea, means consistently calm waters so you can make plans for every weekend without worrying about wind disturbance. The setting, too, is beautiful, with one shore a wilderness of mangroves, home to flamingos and other shore birds. There is limited boat traffic in the inlet and because it is narrow, boats travel only north or south, making navigation simple and safe.


The Fishermen

While the wakeboarding and skiing enthusiasts enjoy the calm waters of the creek, the fishermen take to the sea, eagerly hoping to catch a good size fish.  The Gulf waters in most places are not deeper than 30 meters, therefore the water in summer is about 35°C. The local catch includes Emperor Bream (Sherri), King Fish (Qanat), Queen Fish, Catfish, Shark, Cobia, Barracuda, Sultan Ibrahim, Trevally, Tuna, Snapper and Hamour. To catch these fish takes a good knowledge of the water, of the season, of the tides, the temperature, of the currents and the bait to use. Every fisherman believes in their own technique. Also available are blue crabs, delicious over a fire or in a pot.

Both trolling and bait fishing produce results, the trolling better suited to catch king and queen fish, or barracuda. Sherri are generally taken from the bottom using squid or shrimp as bait. If you want more information, you have only to ask the fishermen heading out in the early morning from the Marine Club. In addition to trolling and bait fishing, fly fishing is also a possibility and the Marine Club does have a few avid fly fishermen who actually catch fish. Fly fishing is a challenging sport and offers great rewards to those who can master the skills required.

The Coast Guard

There is a Coast Guard station is just before the open ocean. All boats heading out to sea are required to stop here and register. Be sure to carry some identification and also keep the boat’s registration handy.You will need to produce both. The Coast Guards are very friendly and really are providing you a service by registering your trip. Make sure you keep the Coast Guard number with you as well, should you ever need it…

  • Abu Dhabi 02 6158666
  • Dubai 04 345 0260
  • Fujairah 09 2380380
  • Ras Al Khaimah 07 2446477
  • Sharjah 06 5282999
  • 996 or 7000 13000

Boat Registration, transponder and Captain’s Licence

Any boat “touching” the water must be  registered and have a transponder.  This is a Federal Law.  This law applies to all waters surrounding the UAE.

It is prohibited to use any marine craft within Dubai’s territorial waters unless he/she holds a certified captain’s licence from Dubai Martime City.  This is a local Dubai law.  It is not a Federal Law.  Vessels that are launched and using the waters in other Emirates, the driver does not require a captain’s licence.

Click the links below for more information (External websites & PDF format):

Easy Tide Weather Report
More accurate and defined weather prediction
Information on Dangerous Marine Species
Information on how to register your boat
Information on Captain’s licence (only required for Dubai territorial waters)

UAQ Creek Map

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UAQ Marine Club: A selection of our Features

We have a vast range of facilities for the members and their friends at the UAQ Marine Club. Take a look at some below…

UAQ Cruises

UAQ Cruises

The Marina takes pride in offering its guests an exclusive and private party on a houseboat, cruising the waters around the mangrove islands.

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The Ultimate High Ropes

Come and try scaling our climbing wall which is one of the highest in the UAE and suitable for most ages; or flying like a bird down our zip line.

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UAQ Watersports

The club has a range of water sports activities. If you are already a professional, come and enjoy the sport of your choice.

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Umm Al Quain Fishing

The Umm Al Quwain Emirate has a coastline of 24km which is located on the Arabian Gulf. Deep sea fishing is a popular sport that lures many of our guests from all corners of the UAE.

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UAQ School Trips

The Marine Club offers an outdoor education which improves life skills such as problem solving, confidence building, team work, leadership, communication and awareness of actions.

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Swimming Pool & Playground

Need some time alone, but had to bring the kiddies along for the weekend as well? Never mind…send them to the playground and you enjoy a relaxing time around the pool for a while.

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Restaurant & TV Lounge

Anglers’ restaurant is situated at the poolside. It is open 7 days a week and offers a variety of dishes. Located at the swimming pool area is an air-conditioned dining room and TV lounge.

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Boat Maintenance Services

We give support for routine boat maintenance as well as for more specialized repairs. Our skilled staff are available to help with all your boating needs. Enquire about the vast range of services.

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UAQ Adventure Activities

Use of the outdoors makes a major contribution to physical and environmental education and enhances many other curriculum areas. It contributes to personal growth and social awareness.

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UAQ Marine Club: Our members love our facilities and hospitality!

See what our members are saying about how we have enhanced their leisure time

Amazing! An easy 5/5. You have a great facility and provided our team with a fantastic day to help develop the Polypipe team. Conquering fears, the need to help each other , work together and dealing with individual challenges brought the team together like never before.
Robin Appleby, Polypipe
Staff were really amazing from the first phone call to the last wave goodbye. They have a true passion for what they do and its really refreshing. We would absolutely come again.
Shirline, Youth Group
The games and activities planned taught the students the importance of teamwork, the will to overcome fear and the importance of listening and understanding. The students will always cherish the values they learned and the overall experience.
Ms. Rachna, Al Rawais

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